We employ the best, highly skilled professionals across a wide range of specialities. When required, we can supplement our team from our network of experts locally and internationally.


Allying with and supporting our other construction and built-environment disciplines, Thornton Surveying is a long-standing service and expertise held by us. We utilise our people’s expert knowledge and experience, the latest technology, measurement systems and building information management systems to deliver high quality and consistent surveying solutions for a variety of clients.

The range of services includes local government contracts for residential property surveys as well as bespoke commercial and private client work.


SME, religious and industrial property claims are no less distressing for policyholders who may be faced with the challenge of rebuilding their business and their local community following a loss.

Additionally, our Construction All Risks service is quite unique. Over many years, we have developed this niche business as we have recognised that a skillset based solely on general property adjusting is insufficient. Contract interpretation and alignment, multiple insurable interests, property under construction, defects liability, certification and bond exposure, underscore why specialist expertise is essential for a satisfactory outcome in a situation of complexity.


At Thornton Group Jewellery Solutions we are acutely aware when dealing with a jewellery claim how they differ to any other claim. Having all worked in the jewellery industry ourselves we have a deep understanding of the sentimentality attached to jewellery.

Our aim is to make what is an extremely traumatic and upsetting experience less so and we will endeavour to make the process as seamless as possible.


The European energy sector is in a constant stage of evolution – carbon emission reduction, green energy, traditional energy sources, multiple industry involvement….. so, having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of what’s happening is essential. Thornton Energy is Ireland’s leading provider in the area of energy claims. This is achieved through our multidisciplinary nationwide team of experts across many industries and markets to help manage losses.

We are recognised as one of the leading experts in the Engineering claims arena where we bring years of specialised investigation and reporting on the most complex of claims.

Expertise in Hull, cargo contract law, carrier’s liabilities, related terms & conditions and recovery protocols is what differentiates us in the Marine/Transit sectors. 



Evidential rigour is the foundation upon which Thornton Casualty operates. When an accident occurs, our ethos of innovation, intelligence, understanding and empathy shine through.

Prompt and appropriate investigation, speedy reporting, accurate reserving and a pro-active claims management process minimise the adverse impact on everyone involved and, as we understand that life must go on afterwards, allows everyone to truly understand what is appropriate early in the process.

The Thornton Casualty team possesses a detailed working knowledge of the legal system, jurisdictional boundaries and statutory protocols.


Our Motor offering is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for our clients and their customers. We manage the Own Damage, Third Party and Property aspects of Motor claims in a cost-efficient and timely manner. 

We utilise Motor Assessors, Approved Repairers, Salvage Agents, Car Rental Companies and Internal Investigators within the process to achieve the best settlement and manage the ‘hand-offs’ through the use of our up to date technology.  Our process offering seeks to manage the claims costs, reduce claims leakage, achieve timely, fair settlements and provide superior customer service. 

We pride ourselves on developing a collaborative approach with our principals to implement and develop an oversight control process, and to enhance the claims processes for the benefit of all stakeholders.  


Every farm is a business, but almost every farm is also a family with a life rich in history and ties to the community. Thornton Agriculture brings a sensitivity, allied to expertise, in dealing with the range of agricultural claims, including infrastructure, crop, livestock and machinery.

We also have a recognised in-house expertise in forestry losses.


A financial loss can be catastrophic and not just on a business level. Its impact on employees, business customers, local communities and not least, the business owners can be difficult to measure on an emotional level.

We bring an understanding to professionally assessing a claim so we can minimise the potential for undue negativity and allow everyone to get back to running their business without delay.

Our team in Thornton Financial Lines includes highly trained experts in insurance and forensic accounting where we deal with the full spectrum of losses such as Business Interruption, Fidelity Guarantee, Product Recall and Professional Indemnity.

Crossing international jurisdictions is just one possible complication, but our highly mobile team have developed crisis management skillsets to deliver results time and time again with a fair and accurate determination of the situation. 


Our Third Party Administration (TPA) offering is a streamlined claims management solution to receive, validate, negotiate and report claims across multiple lines of commercial and personal insurance.

Our multi-disciplined approach and team of experts allows us to support all aspects of the claim journey by providing customised and innovative claim solutions.

We consistently deliver a superior, compliant and customer centric service with seamless bordereaux management and reporting, which others may struggle to achieve. Our clients are happy that we can control claim outcomes, including the oversight of other claims service providers, whilst safeguarding their customer relationships and protecting brand reputation.


Environmental incidents can have a wide range of impacts across businesses and communities. Rapid, efficient and accurate delivery of our services mean that the recovery process can begin at the earliest point. The Thornton Environmental service is conscious of any potentially serious health and safety issues.

Our experts appreciate the level of complexity and potential for financial exposure associated with these incidents, and the possible long-term reputational issues that may develop in poorly handled scenarios.


Everything is now connected. The mass spread of consumer electronics means that computers are no longer confined to industry, but with the cloud, in the palm of every hand. Those who would exploit cyber vulnerabilities have multiplied in numbers and levels of sophistication with a sharp escalation in the frequency and scale of Cyber-attacks. Such attacks have shown the potential to grind the largest of organisations to a halt.  

Thornton Cyber has been a first mover in Incident Management in this field, providing guidance and confidential assistance to understand in real time, the nature and extent of your problems. Leading experts in Legal, IT Forensic and Public Relations are involved as warranted, to influence outcomes with our Incident Manager coordinating the efforts of all disciplines on behalf of the Cyber Insurer.


Thornton Express provides a complete ‘cradle to grave’ solution for low value/high volume claims through a dedicated staff specifically trained in desktop claims handling and conversation management techniques. Our aim is to provide the policyholder with the best and most efficient claims handling process while maintaining the brand strength for insurers.

Through inbuilt management and escalation protocols, we are supported by the full range of technical skill sets throughout the Thornton Group organisation. Validation support includes deployment of our proprietary contents and electronics validation and repair solutions.  We work to agreed KPIs regarding response times, compliance and spend control.


High value homes and contents, fine art, unique jewellery, antiques and collectables require a particular level of insurance cover to ensure peace of mind. As a general rule, standard insurance policies provide limited cover for these higher value items or risks, but high net worth policies are tailor made for them. Thornton Private Client provides the High Net Worth customer with a level of service excellence unsurpassed in the market. Bringing empathy and professionalism to a particular scenario has earned us a reputation for being able to handle stressful post-claim situations with discretion and fairness. Invariably, this results in the right outcome for the Customer, Broker and Insurer.

Using our unique in-house Thornton Jewellery Solutions and working closely with Irish Art, we provide the perfect solution for the Private Client.

  • High Value Homes
  • High Value Contents
  • Fine Art & Collectables
  • Antiques
  • Jewellery
  • Overseas Properties
  • High Profile Occupations
  • Celebrities
  • Professional Sports People
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